Every person can learn.

I firmly believe that every person can learn. No one is too far behind to make progress. I will have high expectations for your child to push toward his or her fullest potential.

I believe that potential is not correlated with socioeconomic status, race, gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation. I will teach each child with the same amount of empathy, enthusiasm, compassion, and respect.

I believe that teachers who feel appreciated and respected as professionals are more likely to create new ways to increase student learning. I will seek a variety of professional learning opportunities in order to continuously improve my practice.

I believe that relationships are prerequisite to learning. I will seek to connect with your child as a future leader and change-maker. I will seek to communicate honestly and earn his or her trust.

I believe that success occurs when opportunities are met with preparation. I will strive to provide preparation for college and career readiness, and I will work toward a future where every person has the same opportunities.